Current Vacancies funded by Kuwait – Be aware that the door for JPO application has been closed till further notice


Kuwait JPO Vacancies

“The following positions with the UN Secretariat is open in the context of the JPO Programme scheme sponsored by the Government of Kuwait and addressed exclusively to candidates with Kuwaiti citizenship.”undp-logo-png

 Job Title  Duty Station  Requirements Organisation  Job link
JPO in air quality and climate change  Bonn, Germany  Master Degree + 2 years experience  WHO  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Energy Systems and Infrastructure Vienna, Austria Master Degree + 2 years experinece  UNIDO  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Sustainable human development and MDGs  New York, USA Bachelor + 4 years,

OR Master + 2 years

 UNDP  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Culture  Paris, France Bachelor + 4 years, OR Master + 2 years UNESCO  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Communications Standards – Ethics   New York, USA Bachelor + 4 years, OR Master + 2 years  UNDP  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Innovation  New York, USA Bachelor + 4 years, OR Master + 2 years  UNFPA  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Architecture Geneva, Switzerland Bachelor + 4 years, Or Master + 2 years UNOG  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Research – New technologies, diversification and job creation  Geneva, Switzerland Bachelor + 4 years, OR Master + 2 years ILO  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Programme Management Political Affairs Counter-Terrorism/Cyber-Security New York, USA Bachelor + 4 years, Or Master + 2 years UNOCT  apply-now-button_blue
JPO in Analysis of partnerships and funding New York, USA Bachelor + 4 years, OR Master + 2 years Bureau for Management Services (BERA)  apply-now-button_blue

General Requirements for all posts

All Candidates must:

  • Be Kuwaiti Nationals;
  • Be 34 years of age or under on the date of their application;
  • Have completed a university education, at Master’s Degree level normally with two years of experience, or a Bachelor’s with 4 years of experience, in a relevant area of study;
  • Have a relevant working experience;
  • Be fluent in English (Speaking, Reading and writing).

Tips and recommendations for your online application

Before starting the application, you are recommended to examine the sample copy of the application document. This will give you the opportunity to collect and prepare all the requested information that you need before starting the application process.

It is a good idea to pre-type some information outside of the system and use the “cut and paste” method to reduce the time needed online and chance of error in the system.

The Personal History Form (P11)

Here are some guiding tips to help you complete a Personal History Form (P11) correctly:

  • For all entries, clearly indicate the percentage of working time to reflect full/part-time nature of the work i.e. full time 100%, and if part time 50% – 60%…
  • For consultancies, please indicate a lump sum annual amount or the daily rate
  • For non-UN positions, please input the annual income.
  • For UN positions, please indicate the type of contract and salary level, i.e. P1, P2 etc
  • Clearly specify unpaid volunteer and internships as such
  • Kindly avoid overlapping employment periods unless followed by explanatory text

Cover letter

The “Cover letter” offers you the opportunity to explain what has motivated you to apply for the specific position (or positions). It is also an opportunity for you to highlight what you think are your most relevant qualifications for the particular position(s) you are interested in.

Please note that you are expected to write a separate and relevant cover letter for each position for which you are applying.

For your cover letter(s), please use the language indicated beside the respective vacancy notice, which is the language of the duty station and in which a high level of competency is required. There is, however, provision for limited language training for the selected candidate if necessary.

Employment Record

Please list any relevant work experience you have. You may include internships, part-time or voluntary work as well as full-time paid work – but please indicate if it is unpaid or part-time. It is important to include a detailed description of the main responsibilities and tasks you carried out during each period of employment.